📍Valle de Cocora, CO 2018. The Army of the Valley usually leaves its weapons to devote its time to the environment by planting seeds of the Palma de Cera, national tree of Colombia. They collaborate in the continuity of this endangered species. These tall palm trees, silent witnesses of the country's historical conflicts, can measure up to 50 meters and live almost 200 years. The deforestation of the Andean forests is the main cause of its possible disappearance.

📍Santa Fe, AR 2016. Néstor Vázquez, press worker, saved his life by a miracle. He was confused by two hitmen who shot him twice in the face with a 9mm weapon while he was parking his vehicle in front of his house. No one was arrested or prosecuted

📍Santa Fe, AR 2018. Santa Fe-Coronda water marathon. The region is home to one of the most important open water competitions in the world. With a 57 km river tour and 9 hours of continuous swimming to the city of Coronda

📍Santa Fe, AR 2017. The pilot Facundo Ardusso celebrates exhausted his triumph in the street circuit of Super TC2000 car race

📍Santa Fe, AR 2016. A woman awaits medical attention at the UTN refugee center. Affected by the Flood of the River

📍Santa Fe, AR 2017. The Pumas were defeated by England. Mike Brown (England) intercepts the ball in the air before Emiliano Boffelli (Argentina)

📍Buritaca, CO 2018. Two children, from the Taironas indigenous group, are portrayed on the banks of the Buritaca River where it flows into the sea

📍Santa Fe, AR 2018. The summer in the city of Santa Fe can reach 50 degrees celsius. That does not prevent kids with mental health problems from enjoying the sun. There are comprehensive rights and health programs where different groups attend these vacation colonies daily accompanied by teachers and therapists

📍San Nicolás. AR 2019. The president of the Nation, Mauricio Macri, says goodbye to the public during his visit to ExpoAgro

📍ARPT Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe, AR 2018. The mayor of the city of Santa Fe awaits the arrival of the flight that transfers members of the Cabinet of the Nation to participate in the official opening of the Constitution Museum 

📍Nelson, AR 2017. Some 400 workers in a refrigerator series slaughter export cattle. The Kosher massacre is used for tons of beef to travel to Israel. Frozen meat is the main product that Argentina exports to this country until this year

📍San Jorge, AR 2018. A worker of a liquid-content tank manufacturer prepares the circular container surface of 125,000 liters by adhering glue with a swab, waterproofing the cement

📍Santa Fe, AR 2015. Union fans dismiss the remains of player Diego Barisone, in front of his headquarters, who died after suffering an accident on the Santa Fe-Rosario highway

📍Santa Fe, AR 2016. San expedito. Devotees of the Saint enter their image into the church before beginning Mass in commemoration of their day

📍Santa Marta, CO 2018. A young man rinses the fish, share of his work, before being sold in nearby restaurants for some Colombian pesos. Every morning the boats go fishing from the coast of Santa Marta with their catch nets. Of all the fishermen there is one, the smallest, who helped with a snorkel dive to see the school of fish and speed up the work of catching it

📍Fray Bentos, UY 2016. Ex-Botnia

📍Santa Fe, AR 2011. Lionel Messi about to kick a free kick in the Américan Cup championship 2011

📍Santa Fe, AR 2015. Professional fútboll match

📍Santa Fe, AR 2013. Lulo Chiappero, Argentine record of free fallen, says goodbye with a kiss at the moment of the jump from the plane

📍Santa Fe, AR 2018. Efrain Colombo, a referent of Argentinian folk music, sings on the stages of the Folkloric Festival of Guadalupe

📍Santa Fe, AR 2017. Ricardo Ferreyra gestures with his hands, covering his face, accompanied by Victor Brusa in reading his sentences for crimes against humanity

📍Rosario, 2008. Los Piojos show. A famous band from Argentina 

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