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The images shown here, under copyright, are the result of a selection of works, photography of exhibitions, portrait of people, travel scenes and photos taken at Santa Fe 🇦🇷 city. The site has a section called 👨🏻‍💻Blog where you can find content about photography and personal opinions of the author. At the moment it has a limited content, external articles are subject to copyright and in constant negotiation.Thank you for visiting the site, you can leave a comment if you wish
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About Juan Baialardo
Juan Manuel Baialardo was born in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina in June 1981. From a young age he devoted himself to music, which today is his hobby and passion. After finishing his bachelor's degree in computer science, he studied at the School of Contemporary Music in the city of Buenos Aires. He works in a family business and at the age of 24 he begins his studies in photography moving forward with his musical projects. He first started retouching photos in a photo studio. In his beginnings as a photography professional he ventures into advertising. In 2008 he obtained a job at Diario Uno de Santa Fe, a job he carried out until 2017 as a graphic reporter and image editor. He currently holds the A.R.G.R.A N2154 credential (Association of Graphic Reporters of the Argentine Republic). At the same time in 2011 he joins the staff of press photographers of the city government. He worked on the campaign and management of the current mayor in Santa Fe, in his first and second term. In 2017, he is in charge of the photo-communication of the campaign to the elected national deputy candidate for the province. As a freelancer, he ventures into the visual communication of some projects. Work as a team with colleagues and audiovisual filmmakers independently. He traveled to several countries developing his photographic look. He participated in workshops, also international, such as those provided by Visa pour l’image in France or the FNPI of Colombia. He obtained mentions as in the first edition of the World water day photo contest 2017, opening doors to exhibit his work in some cities of Italy and Stockholm, Sweden. He participated in several national and local exhibitions among the most prominent, the annual and itinerant exhibition of Argentine photojournalism, three times, or the ¨ Salon de Mayo ¨ at Santa Fe in 2012. He published in media throughout the country through his work as a photojournalist and some international sports photography such as Mercurio de Chile journal and the BBC website through its calls. His latest work commitments (2018-2019) were based on the campaign of a candidate for governorship by his own province. He aspires for new challenges and is fearless to join  in projects through his views as creative in the field of image and sound ( He's studying film scoring composing for films and advirtising )
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